How to select correct Cabinet Drawer Side
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December 13, 2019

It can be a difficult task to choose the right drawer slides for your cabinet for the first-timers. If you get the basics in your mind along with the jargons used, you will be able to pick the best slides for the job confidently. To make the job simple, we will describe two categories provided by every drawer side supplier: side mount and under-mount.

Side Mount

Side mount slides are among those kinds you often like to upgrade. They are offered in parts and affix to either area of the cabinet drawers. The essential aspect to remember is that you will require a clearance room between the slides of the cabinet and the drawer box. Perhaps all side mount slides need half an inch of clearance.

So, make sure you have enough space.

Under Mount

Under-mount slides too, are stable in pairs. However, you will require to fix them on either side of the bottom of the drawer. These are ball bearing slides and can prove to be an excellent modern plus aesthetic choice for a kitchen as they are invisible when the drawer is open. Under-mount slides need less clearance between the sides of the drawer. The slide also has quite specific needs for the top and bottom clearance too. The space from beneath the hands of the drawer should be half an inch.

Features of Sides

Unless you have to replace the broken side, the major reason to replace the slide is probably to make up-gradation of a few of those lovely motion or extension attributes your existing slides do not have.

Following are a few more things to consider:


How much extension is required from the slides? Three by four extension slides may be slightly inexpensive. However, they are not convenient to use. Probably, you will not feel it as an up-gradation from your old slide. If you go towards full extension slides, the extension will allow for pulling out the drawer completely and will provide you complete access to the drawer’s backside.

If you want a further extension, you can go even with an “over travel” slide that takes it a step further. Overtravel actually allows the drawer to come fully out of the cabinet. This permits full access to the drawer even underneath the countertop.


The two crucial movement attributes to find are self-close slides and soft-close slides. Self-close slides will close fully shut the drawer if anyone can provide a gentle push in that direction. The other choice is a self-close slide that gently returns the drawer when you push it to close, because of a dampener.

Vital Specs


If you have to replace a side mount slide with a new side mount, the most straightforward work to do is measure the existing slide and replace it with the new one of same exact length. The slide length has to match with the length of the drawer. Poplar boards supplier can help you in regard.

Weight Capacity

The amount is weight is another crucial spec to consider. Any Side supplier can help you in this regard. For instance, kitchen cabinet drawer needs weight rating near to 100 pounds.

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