What is Poplar Wood and why Poplar Boards Supplier use this type of Wood
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October 11, 2019
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Poplar wood is generally a creamy yellow or white hue, although it can be appeared as brownish with mineral streaks of different colors in it, called “rainbow poplar.” Poplar boards supplier offers poplar wood for practical purposes like match sticks and cabinet drawers.

Because of the fact that poplar wood is rarely seen in furniture, it can be a challenge to get reliable information on this wood type.

Here is some questionnaire-driven information to learn about poplar wood:

What does the Poplar Wood’s Grain Pattern Look Like?

Poplar wood has a uniform and straight grain.

Is Poplar Wood Used Commonly?

Native US suppliers demand yellow poplar boards for canoes. Historically, the wood has been in use for the creation of coffins, pallets, crates, carvings, toys, dinnerware and frames for upholstered furniture. It might be used as in doors, in plywood, and as the veneer. However, in the cases just mentioned, it gets tucked as a core. For the matter of appearance, another wood is usually layered on the top.

Poplar a Hard or a Soft Wood?

It is crucial to know that hardwood is not inherently a term which is used to show the strength of the wood. It is used to explain that the wood is extracted from a dicot tree like a broadleaf kind. Cherry, ash, walnut, maple, and oak; all fit into this category. Softwood is extracted from gymnosperm trees like pine, fir and cedar.

Poplar comes from the dicot that makes it a hardwood.

How Hard or Dense is Poplar Wood?

The flexibility of wood is usually measured with a concept known as a Janka scale. During the test of Janka harness, a metal ball size of a BB is compressed into the wood till it is embedded halfway. The required force to make this happen is measured. In the case of poplar, the power is 540 lbs.

Although poplar is hardwood, it is not as resilient or dense as something like black cherry that comes in a 950 Janka. Other woods (such as sugar maple, oak, ash walnut etc.) compared to poplar range from more than 1000 through 1,450 Janka.

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What is the Source of Poplar Wood?

Poplar woods is originated from Liriodendron tulipifera L., also called as yellow or tulip tree poplar.

Where do Poplar Trees grow?

The preferred area of yellow poplar is the eastern side of Canada and the US.

How Tall Can a Poplar Tree grow?

Poplar trees grow fast. They are known to grow till 120 feet, with trunk diameters of up to 5 feet.

Wrap Up

Paulownia Lumber supplier offers poplar boards as they are ecofriendly too. Boards from poplar woods are sustainable while they also grow with rapid pace.

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