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February 19, 2019
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February 19, 2019

Paulownia Boards

Paulownia Boards Supplier

Dongming Sanxin Wood Industry Co. Ltd. is known as a leading paulownia boards supplier. We have trade licenses and all the fundamental declarations which have facilitated our entrance to the Global Market.

We choose original paulownia wood that is delicate and light in weight. Natural weight is marginally not as much as furnace dried western red cedar. The shrinkage coefficient is slighter than most monetarily collected coniferous and expansive leaf woods. The wood dries up quickly and does not effectively twist or split. We test paulownia boards thoroughly and have discovered that it has a higher strength to weight ratio than Balsa.

We as a paulownia boards supplier provide a space saving benefit, as our boards are thin and lightweight. Lighter pieces of Paulownia weigh only 14lbs per cubic foot. This is lighter than many Balsa grades. Paulownia wood is easily carved and can hold nails and screws without splitting. It also provides more excellent stability and flexibility for making moulds and models.

Lightweight: Paulownia is 2/3 the weight of lightest commercial wood grown in China.

Strength: Paulownia has the highest strength to weight ratio compared to any other wood.

Reliable Paulownia Boards Supplier

A high-quality paulownia board holds nails and screws well and does not require pilot holes to be drilled. Both yellow-poplar and white pine have proven to split, but not paulownia. Flathead screws can be driven flush with the surface. Workability of paulownia has widely been used in the orient for fine furniture, carvings, musical instruments, and decorative features for over a 1000 years.

Our paulownia wood is insect resistant, and It remains stable during changes in weather conditions like humidity.


Our best paulownia board remain the same as they have one of the most minimal warm connectivity estimations of any wood. Hence the wood has exceptionally high protection properties. Low, warm conductivity adds to the low shrinkage being used.

If you have a question regarding our products, contact us, and we’ll get in touch. We appreciate the opportunity to help you solve your unique needs in this demanding industry.

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