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February 19, 2019
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February 19, 2019

Paulownia Edge Glued Boards

Paulownia Edge Glued Boards

Dongming Sanxin Wood Industry Co. LTD. is a famous paulownia edge glued boards manufacturer. We are currently one of the most significant endeavors in the field. We have trade licenses and all the fundamental declarations which have facilitated our entrance to Global Market. We always strive for consistent quality. Over the 20 years, we have experienced in making paulownia edge glue boards and have our strict Prima Excellence quality control system in place to preserve that consistency.

We made best paulownia edge glue boards that are nearly delicate and light in weight for a hardwood. Paulownia edge glue boards suppliers make sure that paulownia is heat resistant. The quality of boards usually is rotting safe, and any spoil is commonly apparent. Additionally, the wood board often is impervious to insects.

Quality Paulownia Edge Glued Boards Manufacturer 

Paulownia Wood is a product of nature. That’s what makes it so unique. Paulownia edge glued boards supplier always strives for the stable feature.

Paulownia wood has been utilized for a wide range of purposes in China and Japan for over 2500 years. Australia, the US, and now Europe are getting to be chief purchasers because of its exceptional qualities. Our original regular items are:

– Lodging segments that don’t require high timber quality.

– Yacht fittings that require light wood.

– Water sports materials, for example, surfboards, wakeboards, skies, and so on.

– Furniture that is particularly drawers.

– Musical instruments, unusually sounding boards

– Beehives, for which light-weight and high protecting properties are required.

– Water passages, in rustic territories.

– Handcrafts, because the wood is anything but difficult to cut and turn.

– Rice bowls and different utensils, particularly in prior occasions.

– Charcoal for firecrackers and channels.

– Wood mash – which is white and solid.

– Wood shavings for bundling and protection.

– Bundling, particularly light cartons.

– Paulownia Coffins, winding up exceptionally famous in Europe.

We maintained long-standing relationships with our customers and have our strict Prima Excellence quality control system in place to preserve that consistency. Furthermore, for any further assistance, our representatives are always available at your service. You can connect with us quickly through our website customer’s service portal.


Paulownia Edge Glued Panel Board

1) Species: paulownia

2) Thickness: Range from 3.0mm -50mm. or by mutual

agreement. Accept special thickness.

3) Size:

  1. A) Width: 100-1220mm;
  2. B) Length:100-5000mm;

Or by mutual agreement. Accept special size.

4) Grade: A, AB, B, C, BC;

5) Color:Bleached; Unbleached;

6) Glue type: Environmental White Emulsion Adhesive

7) Moisture Content: To be within 8-12% at time of shipment.

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