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February 19, 2019

Poplar Boards

Poplar Boards Supplier

We are among the most prominent poplar boards supplier in China. Our poplar wood is consumed to make molding, paneling, furniture, wood toys and much more. This wood is obtained from the yellow poplar tree. It is classified as hardwood and softwood.

Our poplar wood boards are rich white and patterned and differ from pale yellowish-darker to olive green. The green shading in the heartwood will remain unclear on light exposure. The wood has a medium-to-fine surface.

Poplar wood is viewed as a hardwood due to its species. However, this can be confounding, as it is ordinarily soft than pine, typically called as softwood.

We have adaptable poplar wood that is not difficult for machines. It dries effectively with natural movement, but due to its soft nature, it splits when nailed. Poplar is famous for its ability to take paint well. It is the wood stock of choice when building woodworking projects that need to be painted.

This wood does not carry heavyweights as it does not have bending capabilities. The nature of wood is stiff and compress. It has medium bending classification.

Best Quality Poplar Boards Supplier

These boards are readily available at hardware stores, but finding the original poplar wood is a challenging job. Therefore if you are looking for high-quality poplar boards, then Dongming Sanxin Wood Industry Co. Ltd. is the right place to find original and standard products.

Our company provides best poplar boards in China, as it is resistant to decay, and when polished, primed, and painted thoroughly, it holds up well to normal wear and tears for many interior projects. If any client intends to use poplar for outdoor woodworking plans, you may need to apply a new coat of paint in a couple of years, depending on the location of the finished piece.

As a renowned poplar boards supplier, we are ready to help you with your project needs. Reach out to our team through our website or email us at;


Paulownia Poplar Wood for Snowboards Paulownia & Poplar Snowboard Panel

Paulownia wood for snowboards  paulownia snowboard panel

material: Paulownia  Poplar & Bamboo

Usage: Snowboard

weight: Paulownia is 300KGS/CBM  poplar is 450KGS/CBM

Origin: China

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